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Create a shortcode to add a specific product price

You can easily add the Classic Commerce product price as a shortcode using the product ID as an attribute for any specific product. The shortcode can be inserted into any page or post using the format: [cc_product_price id=321]

Display a video instead of the single product image

If you prefer to use a video to show your product then it is possible to remove the static image and thumbnail and insert the embed code from a YouTube video. NB: This code only applies to one product as specified by product ID.

Add shortcode to make link to individual product

This snippet adds a shortcode that can be used to quickly insert a link to any individual product page. The product is specified by id, for example [product_url id=”428″] and the title of the product is used as the link text.

Simplify checkout if only virtual products

If the cart only contains virtual products there is no point making a customer fill out the address fields. This code checks if there are only virtual products in the cart and, if so, hides the unnecessary fields.