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For discussion, questions and support about Classic Commerce you can use the ClassicPress community forum.

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Introducing Classic Commerce

The Classic Commerce project was initiated in the early stages of the ClassicPress development process, when it became clear that a reliable e-commerce solution would be a necessity. ClassicPress was promoting itself as the "business-focused CMS" and a dependable, secure e-commerce plugin was clearly one of the basic requirements for any business community.

It was decided to fork WooCommerce 3.5.3, so that users could continue using this popular application while ensuring it remained compatible with ClassicPress. Over the past year, much work has been done on this fork to remove various dependant services and extensions, with consequent trimming of the initial setup wizard and other dead weight.

In addition to that huge task, there was also the job of archiving the functions and classes for easier and better tracking of the future development of the software. Work was also carried out by the community to rebrand colours and logos to create a new image.

The result is a cleaner, lighter and truly independent e-commerce solution that still retains all of the features that made WooCommerce such a powerful and versatile plugin.

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What has been changed

All connections to JetPack and WooCommerce Services have been removed. This means there will be no "nags" or "upsells" at any stage when you are using Classic Commerce. You won't find any plugins or products that are promoted or pushed in any way. The developers feel that it should be up to individual users to decide what they need, so that they can create their own e-commerce solution using Classic Commerce as a light-weight, independent core.

Please note though, this means the end user is entirely responsible for choosing, installing, testing and monitoring any extensions or plugins that are needed to provide extra functionality.

The "Extensions" section in the admin area may be expanded later to provide information about plugins that have been built specifically for Classic Commerce, or that are known to be compatible. However, this will be intended solely to inform the user, and no recommendations will be made.

What hasn't changed

There has been no changes to the functionality of the software as forked, so all the extensions compatible with WooCommerce 3.5.3 should still be usable, provided they do not rely on JetPack or WooCommerce Services.

There have been no changes to any functionality hooks. All actions and filters are intact as before.

You can have both Classic Commerce and WooCommerce installed together. You just need to deactivate one before activating the other. Both programs share the same data, so all your products and settings and records will remain intact.

Many plugins and extensions check for the existence of woocommerce/woocommerce.php in the plugins folder prior to their activation. To circumvent this issue we have created a special compatibility plugin called "CC Compatibility for Woo Addons". You will need to delete WooCommerce before installing the compatibility plugin.