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Create a shortcode to add a specific product price

You can easily add the Classic Commerce product price as a shortcode using the product ID as an attribute for any specific product. The shortcode can be inserted into any page or post using the format: [cc_product_price id=321]

Add custom suffix to prices

Use this code to attach a suffix to all prices. For example, you might sell wine only by the mixed case, so you could add ” in any mixed dozen” after the bottle price.

Add custom prefix to prices

You can add a prefix to all prices with this code. For example, you could add “Only” before the price.

Show normal price, new price and savings

When an item is on sale, Classic Commerce normally just shows the regular price and the sale price. It can be helpful to also show how much the customer will be saving by using this code. You can style the message by using the included class “was-now-save”.