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Add extra fields to checkout process

It’s possible to add extra custom fields to the checkout process if you want to collect more information from the customer. In this example, extra fields for “student name” and “student year” are being added. There are a number of steps involved. First, the fields need to be created; then the data entry fields are … Read moreAdd extra fields to checkout process

Add a payment gateway surcharge to checkout

Payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe charge a small amount for processing a transaction. This code adds a credit card surcharge as a percentage of the cart total to cover that amount. Examples are shown for PayPal and Stripe, adding 3% for each.  

Set discount for bulk buying

This code allows to you offer set discounts when a customer buys in bulk. The price is adjusted in the cart automatically. Change the thresholds and discount percentage to suit your purpose.

Simplify checkout if only virtual products

If the cart only contains virtual products there is no point making a customer fill out the address fields. This code checks if there are only virtual products in the cart and, if so, hides the unnecessary fields.

Change address checkout fields to textarea

The main address fields can be made into a textarea data entry fields with this code. This could be used in conjunction with the remove checkout fields function to hide the second address field.