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In the Tools section there are helpful buttons that can address items such as user capabilities and customer sessions. Go to Classic Commerce > Status > Tools.

Classic Commerce transients and Expired transients – you can clear both Classic Commerce transients and all expired transients from your CMS with these two  buttons. Transients are a standardised way to store cached data temporarily in the database.

Orphaned variations – if you have a collection of variations that don’t have a parent you can remove those with one click using the Delete orphaned variations button. You can then order address indexes, which can help improve order search results.

Used-up download permissions – this tool will delete expired download permissions and permissions with 0 remaining downloads.

Order address indexes – this tool will add address indexes to orders that do not have them yet. This improves order search results.

Term counts – this tool will recount product terms – useful when changing your settings in a way which hides products from the catalog. Recounting terms can be useful if you change any settings that hide products from the catalog and have issues from that.

Capabilities – this tool will reset the admin, customer and shop_manager roles to default. Use this if your users cannot access all of the Classic Commerce admin pages. If you find any users that can’t access all of the Classic Commerce admin pages, resetting capabilities can be used in that case.

Clear customer sessions – remove any session data from the database. This includes any carts your customers are currently working on so use with caution. Note: This tool will delete all customer session data from the database, including current carts and saved carts in the database.

Create default Classic Commerce pages – if you’re having issues with Classic Commerce pages or don’t want to create them one by one again you can select Install pages and it will create any missing Classic Commerce pages. Pages already defined and set up won’t be replaced.

Delete Classic Commerce tax rates – delete all the tax rates you’ve set in Classic Commerce. Note: This option will delete ALL of your tax rates, use with caution. This action cannot be reversed.

Regenerate shop thumbnails – regenerates all shop thumbnails to match your theme and/or image settings.

Update database – Note: This tool will update your Classic Commerce database to the latest version. Please ensure you make sufficient backups before proceeding.