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There are a number of widgets included with Classic Commerce to help you display and filter products in a multitude of ways in your theme’s widget-enabled areas. Depending on your theme and the widget selected, you may see various options on where it can be used.

You can click on the widget to see a dropdown list of possible locations.

Or simply drag and drop the widgets in the usual way to a location on the right of the widgets panel.

Included Widgets

  • Active Product Filters – displays a list of active filters.
  • Cart – adds the mini-cart
  • Filter Products by Attribute – displays a list of attributes to filter products in your store.
  • Filter Products by Price – displays a slider to filter products in your store by price.
  • Filter Products by Rating – displays a list of star ratings to filter products in your store.
  • Product Categories – displays a list or dropdown of product categories.
  • Products – displays a list of your store’s products.
  • Products by Rating – displays a list of your store’s top-rated products.
  • Product Search – displays a search form for your store.
  • Product Tag Cloud – displays a cloud of your most used product tags.
  • Recent Product Reviews – displays a list of recent reviews from your store.
  • Recent Viewed Products – displays a list of a customer’s recently viewed products.

Active Products Filter

This widget shows all the active filters that are currently enabled. For example, if you use it with the Filter Products by Attribute widget it would appear as:


The Cart widget adds a mini-cart, for example into your sidebar.

Filter Products by Attribute

Filter Products by Attribute is a powerful widget that let’s users drill-down through your catalog of products via attributes, effectively helping them find what they’re looking for quickly. This widget only appears on shop, tag, category, etc… pages.

Add the widget, then choose an attribute to filter by and whether you want users to filter by “AND” or “OR” query types.

  • AND – If a user selects two attributes, only products which match both attributes will be returned
  • OR – If a user selects two attributes, products which match either attribute will be returned

The user will then see a list of attributes with the product count for each.

Filter Products by Price

The Filter Products by Price widget allows customers to refine products by price by dragging the sliders within the widget to create a price range based on the products displayed on the page. It automatically detects the minimum and maximum prices on the current page to populate the slider. This widget only appears on shop, tag, category, etc… pages.

Filter Products by Rating

The Filter Products by Rating widget shows the number or items at each rating level. Customers can filter products and choose to see items with a specific star rating by clicking the rating line with the product count.

Product Categories

This widget puts a list of product categories onto your site. You can set various parameters for customising the display.

The result will appear as a list or dropdown.


With the Products widget, you can display your products ordered by date, price, sales or randomly. Additionally, you can display products from all of your products, only featured products or only products on sale. You can set a title for the widget, number of products to show, and reorder them.


  • To show most recent products, use All Products, Order by Date, and Order DESC.
  • To show 15 random featured products, set Number of products to show for 15, then use Featured Products, and then order by Random. 

Products by Rating

The Products by Rating widget displays a set number of items (defined in the widget settings) from the highest rated items down. If there are not enough rated items it will display random unrated products to make up the number.

Product Search

The Product Search widget adds a search box to allow customers to easily find products in your store.

Product Tag Cloud

This widget displays a basic tag cloud.

Recent Product Reviews

The Recent Product Reviews widget shows the most recent reviews in date order (the number can be defined in the widget settings.

Recent Viewed Products

This widget adds a list of products recently viewed by the customer.